Thursday, July 28, 2011

Faded Tattoos

 Lace 60s dress, Forever 21 cardigan, H&M box bag, Nordstrom skull scarf

This feather tattoo is in fact, fake. It's henna, but I've grown really attached to it. A Russian lady at the local Mid-state Fair drew it on me. I'm really not crazy about tattoos but I like this one, so I think I would get a feather like this for realsies. 
Tonight I'm heading off to the fair again for the last time with my friend, Pete. 
I think it's been a pretty great summer.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alicia's 21st/ Missiko Flat iron review

 Last weekend we celebrated my best friend Alicia's 21st birthday! We went to the bars in Slo, the mid-state fair, and on a mini road trip to the coast. It's been so much fun!
Now my review of the Misikko Flat iron!
I received an amazing Hana Professional flat iron from Misikko hair products and  was very excited to try it out. I straighten my bangs everyday and the rest of my hair occasionally (for my more Mod look), so my other iron was kinda on the fritz, so I was ecstatic to have it replaced. I plugged in my Hana iron after drying my hair and using the Hana Shine shield. The ceramic plates and high heat made my hair very straight and it stayed straight all day and night. 
I've gone though many irons and this one is really the best one I've ever used!
This is what my hair looked like after my shower.

And now the finished product! Straight, smooth and shiny hair!
This iron actually sealed in my split ends(yes I have some, who doesn't?) and made my hair soft and damage free. I highly recommend this iron and other products from Misikko. 
Professional company, professional product, and professional results!

Thank you Misikko!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

California Rockabilly

 LC shorts, Forever 21 blouse, H&M box bag, knee highs, Dollar tree hair bow.

 Hey everyone! I am hosting the Collection B facebook page today and would love to get some questions and feedback from you guys! Just go to their page, "like" them and write #californiastyle then your
comment! I'm trying out a little bit of the rockabilly look lately. I discovered that I do not look like a total tramp in red lipstick! Woot! And judge me all you want, but I bought this little velvet hair bow at the dollar tree and I LOVE it.
Have a grand day lovelies!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July Afternoon

 Vintage velvet dress- Christian Thrift

 Just a quick little shoot with two of my best friends; Bibbles (the gentleman in the vest) and Pete (tattoos and greaser kid style). These guys are starting up a band, which still needs a name.
Anywho I shot a few photos of Pete and damn he is a good model, right? 
Watch out Tiger beat!
I can't tell if he makes me look better in photos of if I just look terrible by standing next to him.
This Monday Pete and I have a pro photo shoot set up by another photographer friend of mine, which should be fun. We are going for a modern 60s look.. what else is new. hah
 I'm wearing my 60s velvet minidress that I bought for 3 bucks at a local thrift store. It should have been 60, and that my friends is why I love thrifting.
Also I'm going to be hosting the Collection B facebook page soon where you can live chat with me and ask me any beauty or fashion related questions! just "like" them on facebook and stay tuned!
Have a beautiful day!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pete's Cardigan

Pete's Urban Outfitters cardigan, Vintage lace blouse, Franci Skirt

Just out for a walk with my little goatie, Brownie. 
So I'm sitting here on a quiet Saturday afternoon with the Woman's World Cup on in the background pondering what I'm doing with my day, summer, life. It's a strange feeling when you realize that you have to change all your plans and goals because it just doesn't feel right anymore. This could be due to your own changing views or the heavy influence of others. I need to find my own way. Even if that means not knowing what the hell I'm doing right now. And I really don't know what the hell I'm doing anymore.
Still there are things in my life that make it a little more clear for me. The only things that really make any of this easier; my best friends. One of them, being the rightful owner of this lovely cardigan I'm wearing above. Boy's cardigans are the best. They are so comforting, slightly oversized and smell fantastic.
I need more of this in my life.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bubble Gum Alley/ Collection B

Forever 21 dress, Collection B jacket,  H&M bag, Urban outfitters t-straps, Vintage beret

My first jacket from Collection B!
When I first received this jacket I was so happy to get started on my collaboration with Collection B, but then a bit puzzled as to what would look nice with a white leather jacket. I'm usually sporting my black leather, so it took some thought and outfit planning. Eventually I saw that the best thing to do with such a brilliant white is to keep it simple. So I paired my jacket with a vibrant, silk, bow pattern dress sent to me by Forever 21 and added some black accessories. And I do love this jacket. It fits so well, which is hard to come by in outerwear. Collection B is a fantastic company, so visit their website, enter to win $1,000 and get a free music download! Oh, and "like" them on facebook!
I've been sporting the beret I bought at Playclothes in LA lately because it looks very 60s and reminds me of the lovely Annie Monroe from the Like.
For these photos I went to downtown Slo and even ventured to the ever popular "Bubble Gum Alley", a pretty nasty alleyway frequented by tourists for it's unique discarded chewables stuck all over the bricks. I've lived here my entire life but never really found it the ideal place to hangout. Admittedly it shoots pretty well and has extremely lovey colours and aesthetics, but in person it's kinda nasty... a cool characteristic of San Luis Obispo.. but nasty.
Apparently I now have a facebook fan page, so like away I suppose!
Not too sure how I feel about it yet.. but we shall see.
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!