Sunday, July 29, 2012

Light Adventure- Photography

                             Model- Tryphena Wardlaw, MUA- Alicia Hathaway, Styling and Photos- me

  I always work with my best friend, Alicia Hathaway who is a very talented makeup artist and last month we headed down to her place in Burbank to se up a couple of shoots. I previously had booked a model, but she cancelled on me a few hours before we were scheduled to meet up! I couldnt have the day wasted so I searched around and contacted this gorgeous lady, Tryphena 3 hours before the shoot! We wanted a happy, flirty look.. think Victoria's secret meets stylish wanderlust.  We grabbed a bubble machine and a vintage camera and headed to a natural park in Pasadena. Alicia did renegade makeup in the parking lot and the model changed in her own car which is the way you kinda have to do things in LA without getting kicked     out for shooting without a permit! 
  This location gave a us gorgeous lighting and everything worked out beautifully for such a last minute shoot!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Give me a kiss to build a dream on.

 Mint skirt CO- OASAP,  Forever blouse, H&M mod bag

Hello! Again..
Yes, I'm bad. I'm a working lady, but I need to get back on this blogging thing. I really appreciate all of your support those of you who follow and leave such sweet comments! Love you guys!
I'm having such a warm and happy summer full of busy days which I love.
(I should be posting more shoots soon as well!)
quick question.. has anyone else become somewhat.. disillusioned by Lookbook? I still occasionally post on there, but I feel like it has turned into the "Kings and Queens of Lookbook and see what company gave them free stuff". I mean good for them seriously, they deserve to have such success and work with large fashion companies, but I really appreciate the lesser known bloggers who never get enough hypes even though they have brilliant style. Plus I'm always going to be a photographer at heart so I tend to favor the well lit photos over the dark and out of focus stylish ones.
Just a quick mini rant!
Thank you to OASAP for sending me this lovely pleated skirt! It's great to wear to work and has a fantastic shape!
How is everyone's summer?
Lets collaborate!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

North Woods.

 Blouse courtesy of- Jovonna London, Urban outfitters skirt, H&M hat, Forever cardigan

Hello again!
Ive been out of town for two weeks at my beach house in Mendocino, and now that I'm back I've been busy, busy! I do miss that place though.. the lighting , the weather, the buildings and scenery. It's really incredibly beautiful.. one of the prettiest places I know. I think the northern California coast contains a certain feeling to it that you can't find anywhere else. on a side note.. I think the name North is a pretty name for a girl. So is West. And pretty much any name based in travel speak.  I took tons of photos while away (the subject of my next post) all of which I need to go through while working and still having somewhat of a life. Not complaining though.. I'm kinda a workaholic. 
This blouse is simply.. just COOL. it's subtle details are so elegant and convey the calm badass look that I love. The stylish people at Jovanna London sent me the Tess blouse and I'm so crazy for it that I shot it again a couple days later!
I have to mention how wonderful this year has been thus far in terms of professional opportunities.
I have shot and modeled Collection B's Spring line, I have met and shot so many beautiful and talented models, done my first stylized shoot(which has been published in many online places), modeled for my second nation wide magazine (Destinations I Do, released in August), every week I work for an amazing, positive and sweet photographer who has also let me assist her with a wedding, and I have been receiving all kinds of requests from models wanting to work with me!
I have been so fortunate and it's nice to step back and see everything I've done and am going to do.
Like in two weeks I will be the official photographer for PPOA's charity motorcycle ride at CBS studios, shooting the ride and celebrities from the teen choice awards!
PLUS.. I've been invited to a SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE event in August and possibly be a speaker!

No wonder I'm a workaholic..I've got sucha sweet job!