Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blue Poured into Summer Blue

 Model- Rebecca, Photography and styling- Me

 This is a little shoot I did a couple weeks ago. This lady was leaving for life in LA the next day and we decided to squeeze in one more shoot before she waved goodbye to the Central Coast for good. And since she is one of my favorite models, I needed to make this happen! She is a seriously talented girl! It's rare to really see a model switch on in front of your eyes.  This shoot was inspired by a combo of Nasty Gal and water. I've always wanted to get a model in water, but I've never gotten the chance until now! So thank you Rebecca for braving mucky water for me! <3>

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell shoes- USA

I just gotta do a quick little freak out post saying my photo, of me and my look was posted on Jeffrey Campbell's twitter and instagram! EEK!
See it here!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ragged Paths

Jacket- c/o Sugarlips , Dress and shirt- Forever, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Vintage glasses

Lets face it. I'm burnt out. I need to get away for awhile, and I luckily get the chance next week on a lovely little weekend in Sacramento, a place I'm not really familiar with. It's safe to say I'm extremely excited and I'm already planning on doing a shoot near the Sac river while I'm there. (I know, but I cant help but work even when I'm supposed to be "getting away") I just completed my huge stylized wedding shoot yesterday that I will surely share on here. It was.. well.. exhausting and about 3 months of planning went by in 5 hours. Now that its over Ive begun planning a Halloween styled shoot. This is my life. Months of planning and a day to carry it out. I love it but I don't know how it all got this way.  Sometimes you stop in the middle of your life and say.. whoa... What the heck has been going on around here? Then you realize that things are what you make them. I love planning shoots and seeing them come to life. I love working hard, even if I'm so sore I cant get out of bed the next day. Its all worth it to know that you are completing what you started and you are carrying out everything you intended and in your own way. 
So really I don't have any complaints that a few days of new scenery can't fix.
On a stylish note, this Jacket is from Sugarlips. As soon as I saw the black and white zig zag pattern I knew I could easily wear it and incorporate it into my wardrobe as my new mod piece. It's a bit longer in cut which makes it very flattering, plus it has this faux leather trim on each opening, making it cool and classy for many occasions from shopping downtown to pairing with some heels on a cooler october night. And with fall basically here today, I see this jacket appearing much more in my future!
thank you, SugarLips!
By the way.. that's my kitty, Saphi, joining in on some photos!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Photographer Mark Shaw

By now you've probably seen his work, lord knows I've personally posted enough of it on here, and if you are vaguely into 60s fashion these images should be familiar to you. Mark Shaw was a prominent celebrity and fashion photographer up until his death in 1969. He worked for Life Magazine and shot everyone from the Kennedys to Audrey Hepburn.

I love how he photographs women, especially in indoor spaces. He carves these models into beautiful, ornate pieces of furniture, blending in stylistically to the setting yet standing out as if they were luminescent. 
So lovely.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Victory Garden- Photography

 Model- Lindsey, MUA- Valerie Nelson, Styling and photography- Me

 I am beyond thrilled with how this 1940s style shoot turned out. Now I understand that this blog tends to be more 60s leaning but I always wanted to try some patriotic 40s shots! I found this lovely and very fitting apple orchard while location scouting and it was perfect! Perfect model, perfect makeup and hair, perfect styling and props. Again, so, so pleased.
As always check out more of my work here!