Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year of Looks!

Thanks to a cute idea from Someone Like You, I've decided to sum up my whole year in looks and with some of my favorite photos Ive taken from each month. 

- Somebody got her first pair of Campbells!
-First planned fashion photoshoot
-Santa cruz

 -Swap meet
-Group V day date
- First magazine feature in NYLON!

-Shot first Collection B catalog
- Shot first round of LA models
-Shot first sty;ized wedding-
-Turned 21!  

Wow.. theres not much photographic evidence for april!
-Went to Coachella 
- had birthday celebration in Sf
-Started working for Allyson Magda photography

 -One year!
 -Shot spiked litas
-Modeled for Destinations I Do magazine`
- Happiness

-Brownies birthday!

-Beach house
-Second round of LA models 
-Shot Collection B Fall catalog
-Featured on Jeffrey Campbell's twitter/instagram!
- Tons of fashion shoots
-Outside lands in Sf

-Second stylized wedding shoot 

-Lana Del Rey for Halloween
-Best friends 23rd birthday
-A's baseball games

-Official, Nov 18th!

- Amazing Christmas
-Decorated the entire house
-Quince and engagement shoots
-New years!

Happy New Year everyone!