Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brownie's Birthday!!!

Skirt c/o- OASAP, blouse and jacket- Forever 21, Vintage heels, bag- thirfted

I look so young you'd never guess I have a 15 year old! 
Happy birthday to the best little son! I love you so very, very much!

Thank you to for sending me this happy, cotton candy coloured skirt! It's so fun and is perfect for heading to a summer fair on a warm day!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Le Bunny Blue

 silver oxfords- Le Bunny Bleu, floral skirt and silver cardigan- Forever 21, backpack- Caires,
 blouse- Nordstroms

These shoes make me SO HAPPY. Thank you Le Bunny Bleu!
It's just so appropriate to jump in these oxfords, hence le bunny bleu's name an all.

I styled my shiny new oxfords in kind of a prep school fashion but with a flirty, casual-cool edge.
Its like.. I'm going to school but I might get there late because I was hanging out in the parking lot, talking with the other rebellious prep students who have altered the dress code for themselves.
What now uniforms?
For these photos my best friend wandered around a local elementary school that I didn't attend. 
I have very good memories of my elementary school.
 Isn't that funny?
You love your elementary school but when you think back on Jr. high and school, you shudder.
But your pre-teen years were a time of zero consciousnesses, playground scabs, having everyone be your friend because they really had no reason not to like you, bringing your random treasures to school to show teachers who tried to care. Most of my personal time was spent pining over a boy that I met the first day of kindergarten and liked until I was 13. I don't think he ever liked me back, but that's how it goes sometimes. You're young and supposed to find various forms of love becuase once you can really recognize it's most perfect form later on in life it, you know you've got something great.
 Goooooooddd times.
I wish I could remember more from those days.


Saturday, June 8, 2013


 Yellow cardigan c/o-, thrifted lace skirt, Urban outfitters denim shirt, vintage belt, H&M hat, Forever 21 boots

 A big thank you to for sending me this comfy, pretty, flower power cardigan!!
I've always wanted this shade of vintage mustard in a slouchy cardigan. Plus is has the sweetest details in the pocket trim and not to mention, the back!

My dad has put Jurassic Park on in the background.
I love this movie. L-O-V-E.
I mean who doesn't love this movie. I mean Dr. Grant is a movie farther figure to me. Really just the perfect character. Strong, intelligent, charismatic, quiet but intense, handsome and funny.
Plus, for an archeologist his wardrobe is pretty immaculate.
Same goes for Indiana Jones actually.
These are men that I wanted to be when I was a kid. Hell, I would probably be well off to be them now.
Who wants to be a plastic barbie when you can live an adventure like Dr. Grant and Indiana?
My above outfit is looking more and more like something they would wear. Well, if they were a female fashion blogger.
In summary, for you other Jurassic park nerds-
"Life finds a way."


Monday, June 3, 2013


 Studded bow heels c/o- Yeswalker, Blouse- Nasty Gal, studded clutch- Target

There is a massive pile of clothes in front of my closet.
Why is there always a massive pile of clothes in front of my already filled closet.
I have a terrible time giving away my garments. I have somehow become mortally attached to each piece as if it was my favorite one.
I can tell you exactly where each thing is from, when I got it and each time I wore it. It's a kind of magical superpower to to utmost useless degree.
My friends could attest to their I least favorite game, "Ask shell where she got everything she is wearing"
Well, I still think it's fun.. plus I win every time, so that's a great ego boost.
Maybe if I gave my shirt away to would be like giving a piece of myself away.
I'm not sure.
Perhaps one day I will binge all of my clothing and just have one or two simple dresses.
Yeah, probably not.

Thank you to for these killer heels. Their website is buy one get one free AND free worldwide shipping! Go see all the adorable things you can get for free!