Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cranberry Season

 Cranberry sweater-, highwaisted jeans- Urban outfitters, bag- H&M, Boots- Forever 21, Sephora lipstick

*Photos taken by me*

Please forgive my ridiculous hair. My bangs were beyond crooked when I shot these photos last week before my hair appointment. So these are post-cool-hair images.
But this is officially my first fall look of 2013! woot woot!
Happy Fall everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Don't you just adore this sweater colour? Its from my new favorite company, Chicwish.
It's perfectly over-sized and I just know that I'm going to get so much use out of this piece as the weather gets cooler. This puppy is going on over dresses and skirts and especially tucked into highwaisted jeans like the above pictures. I have been living in these jeans. I literally cant and do not want to stop wearing them. Have you ever become addicted to wearing a key item like these? It's hard to stop because they go with everything, fit perfectly, are so stylish and... and I don't even know.. I just love them. Someone is going to have to cut me out of them like they did on Seinfeld when Kramer got stuck in his skinny jeans.

So next week I planned a spontaneous trip to Disneyland with my boyfriend!
I was on and off about going becuase in case you don't know.. Disneyland is freaking expensive. 
My god. Why.
But I realized.. what the hell. It's Halloween time at Disneyland! I mean COME ON. How could we not?
That means everything is even more perfectly decorated than usual.
Bless the Disney visuals, for they are perfect.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Starry Moon

Moon and Sun Earrings c/o-, Navy Skirt c/o-, Cardigan c/o-, blouse and box bag- HM, t-straps- LULUs

Hello everyone!
So I did it! I finally got "new" hair! I went to The Hive beauty collective in SLO and I really loved the place. The salon was designed and decorated perfectly mid-century with unique honeycomb touches. The reason I wanted to make my appointment at The Hive was mainly becuase they are an Eco friendly salon and use only natural products and non- ammonia hair colour. I'm trying really hard to grow my hair out and i can't have damaging colour messing up my progress! My stylist was sweet and concise. I really like the honey highlights she gave me under my top crown of hair. This way, wherever my hair falls there is a touch of bight honey that leaks out of the chocolate brown colour. It's lovely. And now I know that its not SO scary going to get my hair done. Luckily I had my supportive boyfriend holding my hand throughout it. I really am such a big baby when it comes to change, but I'm happy I made the plunge. Perhaps next time I will do something even more dramatic. Who knows!

Thank you to Persunmall for these astrology earrings! I gifted them to my sister for her birthday after this post becuase they reminded me of Sailor Moon, whom, my sister adores. haha
Also thank you to Oasap for my school girl, navy skirt! I have a feeling I'm going to get so much use out of this swingy skirt this fall! Its such a perfect vintage colour!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Paraders Vintage 50% off!!!

Being a devoted lover of 1960s vintage clothing, I can definitely appreciate online boutiques with beautiful pieces right at your fingers without ever leaving your home or your busy day.
So what could possibly be better than 50% off vintage?!?!
Yes, you read the right, 50%! 
The Paraders vintage sale will be going on until 9/28!
The lovely shop owner (her blog here) is moving to Portland and is getting rid of her inventory and starting over fresh in Oregon, so go check out the Paraders shop!
ALSO as a special something extra You can get free shipping on most items by using the coupon code : SHIP6  (Most US shipping is $6, but if it's higher or an international order, it will just give you $6 off the cost).


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Silver Space Fox

 Galaxy Dress- Galaxy, H&M sweater and bowler hat, Forever 21 boots
 *Photos taken by my boyfriend, Pete*

 Thank you to Galaxy for this indigo, trippy galactic dress. I love this print because its so muti-dimensional. You can scan it's details for a sustained period of time, discovering each star and nebula just as if it was a photograph of space itself. Plus the colours flow in and out of each other so beautifully.

Lately, I havent felt pretty. Not that I think I'm a horribly ugly sludge creature of the universe (no galactic pun intended) but I'm feeling like I need a change. The last major change I made was dying my natural blonde hair to brown when I was 15 after a bad breakup. And the last minor change I think I made was doing my winged liner when I was 18/19. OH and I cut my bangs when I was 19 and that was prettty scary for me. haha. I spent at least two ears before that saying.. should I do it?
 SO I made my first hair colour appointment in YEARS for next Wednesday. It's funny becuase I know I hate change but something you just feel like you have to make one. Hopefully I will like my new head of hair and won't feel ridiculous.
What do you guys do when you need a beauty change?


Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall 2013 with Stylish plus!

In honor of my new sponsor, Stylish, I've put together a little fall favorites list!
A pair of pretty lace booties, a fall leaf coloured sweater, rust highwaisted pants, and a relaxed tee with a ghostly vintage pattern!
Check out all these and much more at Stylish!