Sunday, May 23, 2010 "Summerblue" by Ellen Relander

Photobucket "Summerblue" by Ellen Relander: "Vinetta Vintage Dress from Myrorna, Vintage Shoes from Vintage-mässan"

I found this great modern 60's look on LookBook today and I had to share it.
Her eye makeup, blunt bangs, sleeveless shift dress and tights are a few great 60s elements.

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  1. Hi! I love your photos!
    The "Summerblue" post really reminded me of this one movie called "500 days of summer" and the girl looks just like you, in that photo, same style, same hair, same face expression!
    It is indeed amazing :) You should really check out the movie!

    I am just new to blogging and so I would love it if you had a quick look at my blog and if you could tell me and my friend how the blog is.. because you are a great inspiration as I just love your photos and style!

    Thank you so much! x The Blonde&Brunette x


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