Friday, October 21, 2011

Falling for Mod 2011

Chelsea boots, shift dresses, colour block, peter pan collars, double breasted coats, and a-line skirts; The 60s Mod style is in for Fall 2011! We've seen it before, as the weather gets colder, the warm tones of the 1960s fall back into autumn and this year it's all Mod. 

One excellent mod fashion inspiration for this fall is the ever popular Fashion model, Twiggy. 
Her dresses were always short, a-line with bold colours and clean, geometric lines.

Another 60s mod inspiration is the Designer Mary Quant. 
Pair her mini skirt "invention" with a pair of dark, rich tights.

Chelsea Boots- Then and now
Strut in a black pair of Chelsea boots with a long, boxy peacoat!

 Mary Quant


Peter pan collar-Then and now
 Peter pan collars are sweet and vintage looking. 
They are a modern way to wear the 60s without looking like your wearing a costume.
Forever 21

Fall Mod Inspiration

Mod on the Runway

Mod in the 60s



  1. you are absolutely right michelle elizabeth!. well thought out, & very put together post. superb!

  2. loved your post as always dear xx

  3. I love all of this!
    Hey Mod Fox, I'd love to hear any tips you have for how to pull off mod looks if you have a very curvy hourglass figure. While 50's clothes seemed to be made for me, I have the worst time finding mod inspired looks that flatter my figure. Thanks!

  4. So many great inspiration pictures. Twiggy is awesome. I wish I had more 60's inspired clothes, but I do have a couple peter pan collars I love!

  5. Great post =) I adore Twiggy and 60s fashion is really the best =)

  6. Great inspiration, mod is fabulous and will always be trendy in my opinion :) I love my chelsea boots and Im thinking about getting another pair!

  7. umm i need that Forever21 dress! so cute!

  8. Love your blog!


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