Thursday, November 17, 2011

A little less conversation, a little more action

 Collection B faux fur vest- The Evelyn, 1960s vintage lace minidress

 Obviously I've been very distracted lately and I'm sorry about that, but I've been flooded with good news! Collection B has offered me a wonderful opportunity to shoot and model their entire spring line! They said I was a good choice because I'm an inspiring female photographer who has been with Collection B since the Lookbook days. Check me out on their homepage here 
Also I recently won a scholarship for a photograph I took (see last post) which I'm overjoyed about!
Right now I have my big orange kitty, Andy, sleeping on my lap, so I guess life is good. Very very good.
I feel like Marianne faithfull.

Full post about her tomorrow!


  1. Love the gorgeous dress and the feathers are amazinggg!

  2. That furry vest looks so cute with your pretty lace dress! I really like the knee socks with this look too. Congratulations on your scholarship and the photographing opportunity!

  3. What a fantastic look, and I love your style! Now following :)

  4. Congrats on on your good news! Yeah for you ...
    Kelly xo

  5. you look perfect, adore this look

  6. michelle elizabeth, i was just thinking you looked like a model from the 1960's. then i saw your marianne faithfull pic. congrats on your scholarship, & modeling gig! i think your outfit is sublime.

  7. such a gorgeous outfit, the sleeves on your dress are beautiful!


  8. wow, you look beautiful in these photos. you are such a 60's babe! i love the white knee high socks, not everyday you see them in white but you pull them off so well.

  9. In LOVE with your dress Michelle! You matched it perfectly with white socks and that Collection B faux fur vest which is to die for! Congrats on that scholarship, you lucky thang you ;)


  10. Love love loving this outfit! The sleeves are so perfect! I have a top with similar sleeves, and this is so inspiring :)
    Love all the accessories with it too. Wonderful look as always :)


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