Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Pop.

Denim jacket- San Francisco, Target lace skirt and shirt, Vintage shoes and belt, Forever 21 bag

Shortly after shooting these photos my sweet little goat (Brownie) came and ate the head of my vibrant violet tulip right off.. and he hadn't a trace of regret on his adorable fuzzy face.
So hello spring! When did you suddenly get here? Green grass, apple blossoms.. yet chilly air. Sometimes I feel like California doesn't know when these seasons are supposed to collide so it just mixes them all together.
Speaking of Spring, I'm sure all of you brave fashion followers have scoured over photos from New York's Fashion week and saved your favorites. well here are some of mine.
Starting with this one. 
Having been an Art History major, this dress makes me happy. It's Rodarte's take on Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

Looks 60s to me.

Christian Siriano
Maybe its the glasses.. maybe its the girl.. maybe its the dress. but I like it.



  1. Ahhhh lace and a denim jacket.. spring has definitely sprung. ;)

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. I love your outfit! And yes, so excited for spring to be here!

  3. amazing outfit!
    so colourful and cute.perfect for spring.

  4. looks like spring is alive in well in california, with your sunshine yellow blouse & lace skirt. why don't i see brownie? i like the rodarte take on van gogh. :)

  5. This is definitely an outfit that's ready for spring! I love the lace skirt and jean jacket combination. So pretty!

  6. beautiful colors and pretty pieces

  7. You look so lovely in all of these photos.

  8. You look amazing dear :). I looove that red bag!

  9. We are totally in love with your blog <3 please follow back: xxxx

  10. Gorgeous! We love your skirt and absolutely adore your blog :)


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