Wednesday, June 20, 2012

60s inspiration

Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry I've been bad and I haven't been posting or even returning all your lovely comment! I can't tell you all how much I appreciate your support and following! I PROMISE to return every comment on this post. please leave your blog so I can check you guys out! 
It's been a long time since I did a 1960s photo inspiration post, so here it is! I wish they still made Twiggy lashes because I would wear them every day!
This weekend I'm heading down to LA to do a couple fashion photoshoots, then after that I'm going to my beach house in Mendocino, so it's going to be a crazy couple of weeks!
I hope you all have a lovely start to summer!



  1. ooh Mendocino, so wild and quiet!
    I love that first photo, I've been loving rainbow everything of late! <3

  2. Half the time I wish I had been around in the Sixties and the other half I fear I would never had made the cut haha :) kami from

  3. I love the eye make-up of the 60's!
    There are heaps of eyelashes on the market that are very similar to Twiggy's eyelashes such as Dolly Wink's collection so you should definitely check it out

  4. I'm in love with the first photo, and I'm with ya on the Twiggy lashes.

  5. Oh these photos are absolutely fabulous <3 I particularly adore Jane Mansfield for president! Fabulous post



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