Sunday, July 29, 2012

Light Adventure- Photography

                             Model- Tryphena Wardlaw, MUA- Alicia Hathaway, Styling and Photos- me

  I always work with my best friend, Alicia Hathaway who is a very talented makeup artist and last month we headed down to her place in Burbank to se up a couple of shoots. I previously had booked a model, but she cancelled on me a few hours before we were scheduled to meet up! I couldnt have the day wasted so I searched around and contacted this gorgeous lady, Tryphena 3 hours before the shoot! We wanted a happy, flirty look.. think Victoria's secret meets stylish wanderlust.  We grabbed a bubble machine and a vintage camera and headed to a natural park in Pasadena. Alicia did renegade makeup in the parking lot and the model changed in her own car which is the way you kinda have to do things in LA without getting kicked     out for shooting without a permit! 
  This location gave a us gorgeous lighting and everything worked out beautifully for such a last minute shoot!


  1. Oh my words, these pictures are GORGEOUS. I love that you used the bubble machine! SO. CUTE.


  2. polka-dots, bubbles, lipstick... ahhh.. beautiful

  3. very well done <3

  4. i love this!! and i especially love your blog!!

    I am now you newest follower :) i hope you can follow me back :)

  5. OMG!!! love the photos!!!! :D
    you're sooo gorgeous!!! :D

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)
    This is my BLOG:

  6. The natural light looks fantastic. Did you also use some artificial light to help you with this shoot?

  7. oh I love the bubbles!! I've been wanting to have a bubbly filled photoshoot for my birthday coming up. wish I could just conjure you up like mary poppins!

  8. i think tryphena turned out to be a good model. :) while i was looking through your photos, i kept thinking how cute her outfit was.


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