Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Walk

 Skirt, bag and sweater- Forever 21, sweater- Nordstroms, vintage beret

 I have never really been in snow before..
 never the less falling snow, so my trip to South Lake Tahoe earlier this month for my boyfriends birthday was incredible. Feet of snow were already on the ground when we arrived and I couldn't have been happier. The air was so crisp and cold. I barely ever felt chilly (except maybe when I had a very one sided snowball fight with Pete..haha)
We took drives, ate some inspired pub food, took a gondola up the snow steeped mountains for a panoramic view of the Lake.
My next post will have photos from expirencing my very first snowfall! Stay tuned!


  1. The pictures are great and your outfit looks really cozy and cute :) Love the mint skirt!

  2. hello i Love your pictures ... and style retro yumi kisses

  3. Love your mint skirt. What a fun trip, and so beautiful too!
    Can't wait to see the rest of the snow pictures.

    Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

  4. It sounds amazing! Your boyfriend is luck to have had that trip with you. It looks wonderful.

  5. beautiful pictures!! and love mint! :)

  6. I'm am so jealous! As a Florida girl I can tell you that I have never seen snow, and I am dying to see, play in and photograph snow asap. The pictures are fantastic, and the outfit is oh so perfect.

  7. Yay! Hope that you enjoyed the snow - I'm not really a big fan of it myself, especially after driving in it for the first time in December. Scary stuff.

    Love your mint skirt!


  8. What beautiful photos! The snow looks so beautiful and i love your outfit, espeially the socks over the tights, super cute!!

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  10. beautiful photos but wow what a fantastic blog, a 60s style blogger is right up my street, i am too in love with all things 60s. Love your blog, I am following you straight away.

  11. i love that mint skirt and satchel :) looks awesome

  12. Love the pop of color!

  13. Oh my word, I am obsessing over your entire outfit! The subtle mix of mint and teal in this black/grey outfit is just gorgeous! And hello, teal, of course I love it so much ;)

    Enter to win an $80 voucher to MsDressy!
    Trendy Teal

  14. Your trip sounds like it was fun! We haven't had snow yet this year, so I love seeing these snowy pictures. You look gorgeous in your mint skirt and striped top too. I love your beret paired with everything.


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