Sunday, December 29, 2013


I have to admit. I've been a pretty bad blogger lately. I've turned into a lazy bear, hibernating in my anti social cave. Come the new year I will be better.
So just to catch up here is a post covering December and the wonder events and holiday that went down.
I got my tree with my family, went to Sf with my love to celebrate and anniversary, took lots of out of focus photos of lights, and had a sunny Christmas.



  1. Such gorgeous pictures. I hope you had a happy new year!

  2. Hi Michelle! We just found your blog and love it! We are a mother/daughter blogging team (Lorrie and Sampson), and we too have a mod fetish. Love seeing the pics of Cali...ohhh how we miss home right now!

    We'll be back to visit again. So happy to have found you :)

    Hugs from your new friends at:

  3. Hey Michelle, Came across you're blog whilst looking for some inspiration into 60s outfits as I'm in a band and we have a 60s show. The last dress I had to get hand made as I couldn't find one ANYWHERE! It's wearing thin so on the hunt for a replacement. Glad to see some more mod/60s clothing making it's way back into fashion. Fab blog!



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