Monday, March 10, 2014

Pattern Mix

 Plaid skirt- Brandy Melville, blouse- Forever 21, Suspender tights- Urban outfitters, leather jacket- Collection B

Soooooo, my camera broke. My Sony A850 is no more.. for now. I'm sending it in to get it fixed soon, but I plan on buying a new camera asap! (Probably the Sony A99.)
My shutter motor gave out after only 2 1/2 years becuase of exhaustion. I have pushed the shutter button hundreds of thousands of times over those years.
I was right in the middle of a photo shoot when my camera.. just stopped working. I felt so heart broken. But now I am looking at this as an opportunity to move forward with my gear and my images!

For this look I wanted to experiment with pattern mixing, something I really don't do with my looks, but I love it! I will be doing this kind of stuff much more.



  1. OMG you look cute as a button <3
    I adore your look, you go directly in my favorites!
    Kisses from the French Countess ;)

  2. Super cute outfit! Absolutely lovely :)


  3. The skirt is so pretty and I love the blouse, you look adorable :)

  4. I love the mix of patterns! The top is adorable, especially with the little bow.

  5. I love your pattern mix - that shirt is especially lovely! I hope that your camera gets some TLC soon!



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