Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Age.

Vintage 1960s scarf, forever 21 leather jacket, Forever 21 bag, Urban outfitters heels.

My mom gave me this scarf which belonged to her grandmother in the 60s :)
I really love it.
 I based my look off of the colours in that scarf as well.

I also love this scarf because it kinda reminds me of the one in this photo of Sohpia Loren-


  1. You look lovely! i want this whole outfit

  2. for me perfect!!!!!

  3. your heels are perfect :D nice outfit!!

    take care.

    Princess corner-

  4. ok i think this is my fav outfit of yours ever, but don't hold me to it, i may say that again tomorrow! all of the accessories rock. those heels are divine, yep.


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