Saturday, April 16, 2011

The versatile blogger

 Skirt- DIY, Cardigan- H&M, Velvet top- Material Girl, Velvet hair bow- Vintage

I recently was given the title and award of the "Versatile blogger" by the gorgeous, Cayce from Madame Joy! This award comes with two requirements; I must share interesting 7 facts about myself and pass the award along to a few other blogs that inspire me! So here it goes!

1. My mother is from Racife Brazil.

2. I have an adorable pygmy goat named, Brownie. 
I've had him since I was 8.

3. I write a lot of intensely descriptive notes so I can remember certain moments in my life.

4. I have a deep, partly unrealized need to travel to Alaska.

5. My favorite year is 1965.

6. I love to be alone in a church. The architecture fascinates me

7. I'm an Art history major. 
And if everything in my life falls through, I'm opening up a gallery.

Here are some the blogs that I believe are also versatile-
Crimson Rosella
The Moptop
Who the Fuck is Mick Jagger


  1. You are such a sweet heart!! Im so happy I inspire you because I'm a big fan of your blog too. Thanks so much!!
    Gorgeous photos as always too :)

  2. haha my daddy used to have a goat as a pet when he was a kid, he said he used to play with it all the time! your goat is adorable! and so is your outfit :)

  3. hi there..
    what an amazing blog...
    if you want we could follow each other...
    let me know...

  4. Im so mad about your style; ALWAYS gorgeous :)

  5. A Pygmy Goat???? WHAT??? I want to be you so badly right now.

  6. Amazing outfit, you look so cute. I want your camera

  7. Love this outfit and the bow in your hair. :)

  8. that blue skirt is to DIE for.
    Such a beautiful look on you...

    a baby goat? aww I LOVE how unique you are!! You seriously stand out from others and I LOVE your blog :)

    LOVE this post! :)


  9. adore the velvet bow. fantastic photos as always!


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