Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blue Poured into Summer Blue

 Model- Rebecca, Photography and styling- Me

 This is a little shoot I did a couple weeks ago. This lady was leaving for life in LA the next day and we decided to squeeze in one more shoot before she waved goodbye to the Central Coast for good. And since she is one of my favorite models, I needed to make this happen! She is a seriously talented girl! It's rare to really see a model switch on in front of your eyes.  This shoot was inspired by a combo of Nasty Gal and water. I've always wanted to get a model in water, but I've never gotten the chance until now! So thank you Rebecca for braving mucky water for me! <3>


  1. This entire shoot is so amazing. She is a beautiful lady and you definitely took gorgeous photos. I love the water thing too and I've been wanting to try it, it is so elegant. These all came out perfect, I am so inspired! Very well done!! :) I also love her outfit, everything is beautiful!

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  2. You have the most amazing photography! I also love her outfit!

  3. Uau, she is amazing and the photos are excellent!

  4. my favorites are the water & in the field! she looks stunning in every shot.

  5. Beautiful everything.. the model, the outfit, the photography. Love it!

    xo Rachel

  6. She is literally such a babe! And you are literally so talented. Literally. <3

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