Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Pages

 Collection B plaid jacket, frenchie dress,Urban oufitters bag, vintage sweater, knee highs, vintage Beatles boots
Here in California, it's still very much Summer. Its hot and bright and there's no colour but green on the trees. Sure we hit September 21st just like everyone else, but apparently we didn't acquire the Fall atmosphere..
And it's for this that I blame my lack of stylishness. Honestly.. it's all simple shirts and skirts over here lately. I've been very uninspired with my style the more I feel inspired by photography and my shoots. The more I work the less I put together looks for myself. I need some good old fashioned cold weather. I want tights and knee highs and boots and sweaters and jackets and COZYNESS.
Halloween is coming but I don't feel it. 
I wish a big old gust of cold air would burst right into this town and remind us why we love fall.

In the mean time the above photos are images I shot and modeled for Collection B's 2012 Fall catalog!
I love all the jackets but wearing them in such heat was not the easiest. I didnt feel too pretty sweating while still trying to pretend its Fall!
Please go check out their facebook store
You will see a very familiar face!


  1. Lovin' you jacket, hun.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. That jacket is amazing! The photos are great ;)

  3. amazing pictures!!
    love the plaid details on your jacket!
    and you look nice in glasses.


  4. These are amazing photos, fall or not.


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