Sunday, November 4, 2012

NARS, come on.. what are you doing to me..

Those of you who are makeup savvy know well by now the new Sephora collaboration involving NARS and their brand new Warhol inspired makeup line.
My god.. why.
My excitement could not be hindered when I ran into the union square Sephora and saw all the silver shinyness for myself. In fact I was almost in tears but that is quite normal for a Warhol meets Shell reaction.
While I do plan on obtaining every makeup set and keeping all the packaging in perfect condition, I have to say... WHY NARS/SEPHORA WHYYYYYYYY..
You really don't understand how much this hurts me. You took the thing I love the most, made it so beautiful and called every product a time period and Warhol relevant name BUT you are so damn expensive!
One eyeshadow.. $55.00, one eye pencil.. $24.00, Debbie Harry palate.. $65.00.
I have to eat and now covet expensive makeup?!
And did you have to make soooo many fantastic products in one line? I can't keep taking the little free NARS/Warhol booklets forever...
Le sigh.
So until I decide whether I want a car or never used makeup, here's a peek at the NARS' tribute I think Andy would have loved.
(Be still be beating heart!)

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  1. OMG! Why did you have to post this... Now I am stuck in obsession with you.


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