Saturday, February 2, 2013

All the lights are coming on now

 Dress, coat and beret- H&M

 As promised here are some of my snowfall photos!
Like I said before, falling snow was a totally new concept to me before I ventured to Lake Tahoe for my boys birthday earlier this month! It was so unbelievably silent as it fell, nothing like rain. Living on the coast I never see snow and hardly miss a sunny day.
Ahhhhh its so lovely! I can't wait to experience it again!


  1. Amazing photos!
    Lake Tahoe is such a magical place - it's where my parents got married!
    Glad you enjoyed that snowfall ;)

  2. So gorgeous and wintery! I love your velvet dress with the classic coat and beret. You look amazing and this snowy scenery is wonderful.
    And that puppy is adorable!

  3. These are such amazing shots! Seriously adore your camera quality.

    P.S. that is such a cute puppy!


  4. Wow, so, so gorgeous! You are so lucky! Amazingly beautiful pictures.

  5. Wow. These pictures are stunning. So so beautiful.

  6. What a pretty outfit, i like your coat! and you have a very cute puppy!

  7. These pics are so lovely, I really like your outfit and how cute is this little puppy?!

  8. that your puppy?! I seriously just lost it over how cute his face is, wow. So precious. Loving this vintage-esque look too, you look stunning. Following via GFC :)

    Alexandra xo

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  9. Is that puppy for real?!?!!? He is SO cute he almost looks fake hhahahaa! Love all these photos, you look super beautiful! You definitely have a new follower here!
    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  10. you look lovely :) but omg this puppy is the cutest thing ever <3


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