Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Faded Pages Open in the Sun- Photography

 Model- Shaunna, MUAH- Alicia Hathaway, Styling and Photography- Me

This is a recent shoot I created at my house in sunny California.
I really never did well in my high school and photography classes. Granted I got all A's and B's, which is "doing well" in some people's minds and generally acceptable as passing. But these classes to me were stifling. I wasn't really creating anything but film stills to encapsulate the proposed theme of an assignment. I mean I know that probably sounds like a generic art kid idea, but I just plain disliked film classes. 
I need fast paced, instant gratification.
That's just who I am. I can't stand in a lab waiting to make a proper exposure with an enlarger and redoing everything until I find the perfect exposure. I like the physical act of taking images. I like how I don't think about anything but what I am doing in the moment.
I can't stand ... standing around. haha
So yes, I was that art kid nearest to the door in the back of the class, rolling my eyes at the 17th explanation of what aperture is. Maybe I should have tried harder to create, but when your in a classroom, your also in a compressed environment.


  1. Haha, I'm with you. I need instantaneous results that I can see.
    Also, I wish I could hire you as a photographer...sigh, you always take the dreamiest photos!

    Trendy Teal

  2. wow amazing pictures!love the sun
    Kisses from Milano
    Have a great day!

  3. I can only say: waauw! These pictures are so beautiful!!!

  4. These photos are truly beautiful, I love the lighting you've captured. I was never so good in any of the art classes I did either for the exact same reason.

  5. Love the pictures. They transmit a very summery / easygoing feeling that I love. I agree with you somewhat but I just really liked spending hours at the lab developing the pictures and trying to come up with the perfect ones. It was such an enjoyable experience for me. What I do agree with you on is disliking the projects the teachers/professors would assign, and then their critiques wouldn't always make sense because photography is like any other art and not everybody is going to "get" or like the same thing.

  6. Such gorgeous photography! :)


  7. awesome photos! Such great lighting! Gorgeous!!



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