Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guest post- Obrabet

 Hello all! 
My best friend, Steph (Her blog here) wrote a very encouraging post for you all today!
It's all about realizing what you love and making the most out of your live by acheing your dreams! 
I'm pumped. WHO'S WITH ME!?
Plus she has awesome art... and I love her a lot... so read on!

 What do you want to do? 
No, dude, I’m serious: what do you want to do? Is it travel? Is it art? Is it music or dance or acting?
 I’m asking because, sometimes, people forget. Sometimes, people lose sight of what’s important to them because of social standards or practicality. It’s like growing up sucks these dreams right out of us; we start to think about bills and security and stability and that ever-present timeline that society’s put into place that dictates where we have to be at certain points of our lives. A career and a fiancĂ© at 25, a house and a family at 30, a retirement plan somewhere in there, too; we’re expected to follow in the footsteps of some non-existent ideal, and that ideal is what’s keeping us from reaching our full potential.

 I want to ask you again: what do you want to do? 
Are you doing it? Are you holding back because people around you think it’s not smart? 
Stop for just a second and think about how doing that dream-thing makes you feel. Imagine that rush you get when you put a paintbrush to a canvas, or when your feet cross and leap in the dance studio, or how much of a thrill it is to hit that perfect pitch when you sing. Why can’t this be your life? Maybe you won’t make a whole lot of money in the beginning, or maybe your family and friends think it’s a waste of time, but you're life is yours, it’s for you; it’s not for money, it’s for you. 
You have your entire LIFE to start thinking about stability and security. Life’s not short – it only feels that way when we look back at whatever age we are and realize we haven’t done all the things we’ve dreamed. We blame it on time, but we’re the ones at fault. 
We’re the ones putting off our goals and dreams and loves because we’re too focused on this societal ideal.

Don’t be afraid to dare the world to bring it on, or challenge the industry you crave to be a part of to give you a chance. If you have a dream, follow it, and never be too wrapped up in practicality to lose sight of that dream. Hold onto it. Feed it. Let it breathe, and never be afraid to change directions. If you fear that you’ve already “wasted time” on a career path you don’t love or an education you’re not passionate about, then stop worrying — time and experience is never wasted. It’s all added to your belt, and it’ll always come in handy. You have the ability to make NOW what you want, and that experience will only make your decision and your talents stronger.

Life should be about living. Figure out what you want your life to be, and go after it with everything you’ve got. It’ll be hard, it’ll be terrifying, it’ll knock you back a couple times, but you CAN succeed; and in the end, you’ll get to look back and be proud that you did it. You really friggin’ did it.


  1. Oh wow, Steph wrote this inspiring post BEAUTIFULLY. I'm really pumped to start living! :D

    Trendy Teal

  2. Wow very nice art!


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