Monday, April 29, 2013

Orange Groves

 Model- Bailey, MUA- Alex Evans, Photography and styling- Me (Michelle Roller Photography)

Finally a new post!
This shoot is something I've been wanting to do for a least a year. There are some amazing orange groves out near me and I've been hoping to do a happy, spring shoot in them. Thanks to my adorable and talented model, Bailey, we finally made it happen!
(My assistant was my wonderful boyfriend, Pete)

So in a couple days I will be partaking in an amazing opportunity shooting for a very popular clothing company. I'm so excited and nervous for it that I honestly don't even want to think about it until I am hyperventilating at their headquarters in LA.
Sigh, I hope I do a good job!



  1. You seriously capture the most breathtaking photos ever! She looks gorgeous! I was wondering, what camera and lens do you use? the quality of your photos are outstanding!

  2. These photos are beyond beautiful! Great job. And good luck on your photography stint. :)


  3. So lovely and perfect for the summer weather! You did an amazing job Miss Photographer :) What a lovely model as well

    Trendy Teal

  4. These photos are brilliant! The orange trees make a gorgeous backdrop and Bailey is a beautiful subject. Congratulations on the opportunity, hope you have a great time and good luck!

  5. beautiful! oh I wish there were orange trees here!

  6. These pictures are so gorgeous! You did such an amazing job! I'm sure that you did wonderfully on your job for the clothing company - you are so talented!


  7. so beautiful! i love the last outfit! you look very pretty <33

    [my cute weirdoland -]


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