Saturday, June 8, 2013


 Yellow cardigan c/o-, thrifted lace skirt, Urban outfitters denim shirt, vintage belt, H&M hat, Forever 21 boots

 A big thank you to for sending me this comfy, pretty, flower power cardigan!!
I've always wanted this shade of vintage mustard in a slouchy cardigan. Plus is has the sweetest details in the pocket trim and not to mention, the back!

My dad has put Jurassic Park on in the background.
I love this movie. L-O-V-E.
I mean who doesn't love this movie. I mean Dr. Grant is a movie farther figure to me. Really just the perfect character. Strong, intelligent, charismatic, quiet but intense, handsome and funny.
Plus, for an archeologist his wardrobe is pretty immaculate.
Same goes for Indiana Jones actually.
These are men that I wanted to be when I was a kid. Hell, I would probably be well off to be them now.
Who wants to be a plastic barbie when you can live an adventure like Dr. Grant and Indiana?
My above outfit is looking more and more like something they would wear. Well, if they were a female fashion blogger.
In summary, for you other Jurassic park nerds-
"Life finds a way."



  1. You thrifted that skirt!? Just so amazing!


  2. Love the back detail of the cardigan. Really cute look. <3 :)

  3. Goodness, the sweater is so interesting and unique! I absolutely love the idea and you managed to create such a wonderful romantic outfit! Great colors too and of course, the photos are incredible :D

  4. great cardigan <3

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  5. Such a pretty pretty cardigan :)!

  6. Beautiful photos! And that cardi is suuuuper perfect.
    Jurassic Park is such a classic. I would agree that Dr. Grant & Indiana Jones are the perfect male leads. Such studs, those fellas ;)

  7. Love the outfit! Especially your yellow cardie :D

  8. This outfit is beautiful and so are the pictures. I was wondering if you self shoot or if you have someone to do your pics for you? It's just because the pictures you take of other people have a slightly different look so just wondered what you did differently.

    Style With Friends

    1. I have my best friend or my boyfriend take photos of me!
      I wish i could shoot EVERYTHING myself but such is life!
      Thanks for asking!

  9. So interesting outfit...i realy like it!

  10. wow I am so much loving these photos, they look beautiful!

    Drawing Dreaming

  11. Love the back detail of the cardigan. Really cute look. <3 :) lace dress team with shoulder bags

  12. Jurassic Park is the bomb. For real. I remember seeing it in the theatre when I was little.
    Also, this outfit! It's amazingly cute! I love your cardigan with the sheer floral back and how great it looks with your lace skirt. The leopard print belt is such a cute touch too.


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