Monday, June 3, 2013


 Studded bow heels c/o- Yeswalker, Blouse- Nasty Gal, studded clutch- Target

There is a massive pile of clothes in front of my closet.
Why is there always a massive pile of clothes in front of my already filled closet.
I have a terrible time giving away my garments. I have somehow become mortally attached to each piece as if it was my favorite one.
I can tell you exactly where each thing is from, when I got it and each time I wore it. It's a kind of magical superpower to to utmost useless degree.
My friends could attest to their I least favorite game, "Ask shell where she got everything she is wearing"
Well, I still think it's fun.. plus I win every time, so that's a great ego boost.
Maybe if I gave my shirt away to would be like giving a piece of myself away.
I'm not sure.
Perhaps one day I will binge all of my clothing and just have one or two simple dresses.
Yeah, probably not.

Thank you to for these killer heels. Their website is buy one get one free AND free worldwide shipping! Go see all the adorable things you can get for free!



  1. LOVE your heels! I'm always loving your outfits! and your photography always amazes me!

  2. nice clutch :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  3. I have these heels in nude; aren't they absolute beauts?

    P.S. I am a clothes hoarder to and way too emotionally invested in each piece! x

  4. Those shoes are just so cute! I really love how elegant you look!

    I am completely the same way about clothes. I have discovered to get rid of clothes and not feel so bad about it, I have to give them to people that I know - it is like giving a puppy to a place where you know it will be treated well.


  5. This is such a gorgeous pair of heels! Love the studs and bows <3

    Trendy Teal

  6. I'm in love with the look - studs! <3
    Your photos are beautiful!

    Yinyin xx


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