Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hello! It rained all last night in California and my best friend and I went out to dinner, which was incredibly tasty, especially considering the lack of restaurants where I live. I wore a velvet black shift dress and did my usual 60s makeup. (I will try to do photos soon).
In other news, I found this bitchin' photo website the other day called We Heart it and I can't stop myself from going back and searching through all of these interesting and unique photos. So check it out if you can!
I was thinking of really changing up my look and going for those bangs. The kind I want would look really 60s, and if you love something, might as well jump right into it right? Pretty much these bangs here-

On that note, I'm really into leopard coats lately and I've found some vintage and modern photos to share with you!

1960s leopard coats!

Edie Sedgwick

Jackie O
Barbara Streisand
June Pickney


  1. Such great inspiration! These ladies look so classy!

  2. LOVE leopard, hot pics! Check out my blog, comment, follow ;)


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