Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mod Fox.

So, I've gotten a few questions on the NAME of my blog: Mod Fox.
When I created this place of photography, the 60s and fashion, I wanted a name to completely encompass all of that AND some. So I created Mod Fox.

Mod being the 60's term, short for Modern or Modernist, which was used by young, mostly British guys and girls. They were identified by their tailored fashion tastes and 60s pop music. I love Mod styles because of their clean fabrics and shapes, as well as looking classic 60s cool.

No, not a Fox like this (although it IS wonderfully adorable..)

But I got the Fox part from a doors Song called, "20th Century Fox". As you all should know, The Doors were an AMAZING band who started in the mid 60s in California. I've always loved them, but the song I find somewhat fashion oriented. It's about a gorgeous, confident, strong woman which I find very inspiring, especially in the fashion world.

So that's it! Just the breaking down of two words that both have a great deal of meaning to me.
I hope that answered any questions!

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