Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Fall/Winter Must haves!

So, Ive been slowly getting out of that summer clothing style and into some lovely fall pieces! (Although it IS 88 degrees where I am in California..) Following along with my usual clothing style,(Romantic Badass) I've found some pieces that I can't help but revisit and imagine in the cold months. Not all of them are 60s influenced, but they are definitely me :)

High-waisted leather shorts!(These from Urban outfitters)
I can't wait to pair these with patterned tights.

Black lace blazer. I've been piing for this one in LC's Kolh's collection. It's very 60s Edwardian style.

Dark red velvet mini dress! This one(worn by Elle R. on lookbook)is from American Apparel. I love the rich tone of it and the length, like a 60s cocktail dress.

Leather and suede kitten heels! I just found these at mod The colours are amazing for Fall!

So pretty much, Leather, lace, and some deep jewel tones. So beautiful<3


  1. I love the fur coat on Elle, and I too must get my hands on a pair of leather shorts... sigh...

  2. I just bought some leather shorts today!

  3. Obsessed with the leather shorts!!!

  4. I am really into the mod look and take a lot form this period. Your modern picks do not give it justice at all.Sorry!

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