Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Silk scarf- The Fashion Exchange in SF
                                                          Me and my best friend!

Hello! It's been awhile! I've been away at my beach house in Mendocino in northern California(about 8 hours away from where I live on the Central Coast) and I've had an amazing 2 weeks. I really love it there. It's that place that you dream about all year, then when you wake up there you feel.. real happiness. But I have returned with so many stories and photos to share with everyone. Those posts I will, again have to split up over about a week. This trip has really got me pumped for the big Canada Road Trip myself and my best friend will be embarking on in about.. ohhhh 28 days. I hope you all we follow me on that trip too! 
Many more posts to come! thank you for all of your support and comments! I love it!

I'm really interested in doing a weekly feature on California fashion bloggers from all around the state, further connecting us Cali kids through our style and locations.
I will be doing one every Thursday, and I need one of you for this week, so please comment below and hit me with an email. and if you have a 60s style.. well that's a plus.



  1. One of my favorite looks Ive seen from you! I adore your scarf!!
    You look amazing! Hope you had fun in Cali!


  2. cute scarf! i love your outfit <3


  3. Gorgeous photos and beautiful outfit, love the green skirt & the long cardy, so pretty & chic, and the scarf is a perfect touch!! Hope you're having a fabulous week. xx veronika

  4. You always have such stylish and artistic photos. Too bad I'm not from California - I'm sure you're new feature will be fantastic.


    PS - I just posted a new giveaway. A box of goodies from Germany, hand picked for the winner. $100 value.

    Enter here:

  5. Gorgeous photos! The sunlight against your outfit makes for a stunning pic! Where's the dress from?

    - Jen

  6. I LOVE your blog!! Thanking you for coming to find me, lol. Your photos are gorgeous and you have great style. I'm following you for sure!

  7. You Are Gorgeous!! I am in pure love with this blog <3

  8. I loooove scarves and all their possibilities, your look so pretty :)

    Also, I'm bloggin' from Santa Cruz, Cali if you'd like to check out my blog <3

  9. Serious round of applause for you for trying to get bloggers to collaborate! I've been working at getting California bloggers involved with each other also!!!

    Go California!

    Love Grace.

  10. Just found your blog through weardrobe and I love it! I love the 60s, specially the hair, clothes and make up (hello eyeliner and lashes!).

    I'm in So Cal and I'm all for getting us Californians together!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair


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