Friday, May 6, 2011


Forever 21 skirt, Kolhs blouse, DIY feather hair piece, Fox Ring- China Town Sf

Hello again! I'm holding mod Fox to a new goal of 300 fans! 
I'm about 40 away on here, so i've got some work to do!

Thank you so much to you California fashion bloggers who have sent me an email. I've got a few thursdays lined up already. :)
But remember, if you are a Cali personal style blogger or know someone who is, please send me an email at


  1. These are so beautiful!!! I LOVE the second to last photo. One of my favorite outfits so far...I feel like I say that every post hahah

  2. These are excellent photos! I really love the 70s vibe and your fox ring is so cute!

  3. The florals in this are a dream- your skirt, the background, the picture! I know this is a very predictable comment, but honestly, I love your style and your photography. You'll make it to 300 real soon I bet (count me in!)- you've got a great blog!! x

  4. aww, man! i'm a style blogger, but i don't live in CA anymore... miss it so much, though!

    i LOVE your blog and i'm so glad i found it this morning. your outfits are incredible! can't wait to follow along on your fashionable adventures!

  5. You look so pretty in these pictures! I love that floral skirt!

    I wish my indoor pictures looked half as good as yours!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair


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