Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bubble Gum Alley/ Collection B

Forever 21 dress, Collection B jacket,  H&M bag, Urban outfitters t-straps, Vintage beret

My first jacket from Collection B!
When I first received this jacket I was so happy to get started on my collaboration with Collection B, but then a bit puzzled as to what would look nice with a white leather jacket. I'm usually sporting my black leather, so it took some thought and outfit planning. Eventually I saw that the best thing to do with such a brilliant white is to keep it simple. So I paired my jacket with a vibrant, silk, bow pattern dress sent to me by Forever 21 and added some black accessories. And I do love this jacket. It fits so well, which is hard to come by in outerwear. Collection B is a fantastic company, so visit their website, enter to win $1,000 and get a free music download! Oh, and "like" them on facebook!
I've been sporting the beret I bought at Playclothes in LA lately because it looks very 60s and reminds me of the lovely Annie Monroe from the Like.
For these photos I went to downtown Slo and even ventured to the ever popular "Bubble Gum Alley", a pretty nasty alleyway frequented by tourists for it's unique discarded chewables stuck all over the bricks. I've lived here my entire life but never really found it the ideal place to hangout. Admittedly it shoots pretty well and has extremely lovey colours and aesthetics, but in person it's kinda nasty... a cool characteristic of San Luis Obispo.. but nasty.
Apparently I now have a facebook fan page, so like away I suppose!
Not too sure how I feel about it yet.. but we shall see.
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. Love it! You look gorgeous!

  2. i love the socks/shoes/beret combination!

  3. Great outfit. I have a hard time with white jackets as well, so I think you went the right route with keeping it simple. The bright blue really makes the jacket pop and looks lovely!

    As for the gum wall, I wonder how that got started? I agree its a bit nasty.

  4. Gorgeous pictures. I absolutely love that Brick wall SO photogenic, and your outfit is so, so great! I'm loving that beautiful dress and all of the fantastic details of this outfit. Happy weekend. xx veronika

  5. your photos are exquisite! i would never have guessed that was bubble gum.

  6. Love the brick wall, whooooa! I liked you on Facebook, please check out my fb page? :)

    ps- you remind me of Spencer from Pretty Little Liars with the beret. Two words: TOO CUTE.

    xo have a fab weekend!

  7. Your beret is so darling! <3 and I love your knee high socks!

    Lost in the Haze

  8. You look incredible! I love everything here-especially your shoes, they are amazing.
    I love your blog! <3


  9. Loveee these photos! Cute outfit! Could you follow my blog? Constantia xxx

  10. Ew all that gum is pretty gross. But I really like the knee socks/heels combo. I might try that!

  11. Haha! I've been wanting to go to SLO and do a photoshoot at Bubblegum Alley. You beat me to it! lol. I love this outfit! The jacket is so great!

    Little Acorns

  12. Love Dress!

  13. found your blog from chictopia..
    i do love your style
    and you look so beautiful :)

    i'm following you now
    wish you can do the same thing whenever you had a chance

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  14. Omigosh I was there last year! The famous bubble gum alley is cool and kind of gross at the same time. Did you get the chance to visit the huge Forever 21? Anyway, you look great as usual! Love all the rings!



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