Monday, December 26, 2011

Adventure calls with unknown voices.

 Forever 21 coat, shirt, and black dress, Shoes- Jeffery Campbell, vintage beret

 So I've been a bit spoiled this Christmas. I have a great, giving family and thoughtful, generous friends. 
What the hell.
I really don't think I deserved the amount or quality of incredible gifts I received, but I'm really thankful. We give gives to our loved ones on holidays, not because we are expected to but because we want to. We do this to give a silent reminder to that we are grateful for them, celebrating another year together. Obvious point there. But at Christmas time nothing is better than watching everyone slowly open their gifts, laughing and smiling, while Michael Buble's holiday Cd plays in the background. Just being together is the best gift.. as cheesy as that sounds. 
So, in an effort to dig back into the shallow blogging world here's some sweet gifts I received,
Bubble machine, freakin 7 seasons of Seinfeld, tons of pretty forever 21 dresses, Two Faced makeup, Warhol calenders, tons of over the knee socks, candy galore, Apples to Apples, New Orleans swag, jewlery, and soooo much more. 
But two really amazing things that I was not expecting came from two of my best friends.
From Bibbles, (the cute mexican roommate) I got the above pair of black Jeffery Campbell Litas! That was really unexpected and crazy thoughtful. The guy knows style, for sure.

The other gift came from my good friend Pete (cute guy with great hair and eyebrows), who went way overboard and bought me my dream dress! The Rachel Antonoff Crimson and collars dress-

I mean holy crap, Batman. 
That's amazing.
Again, thank you to everyone who made my holiday the best ever. 
I'm so happy!


  1. spoiled definitely, but well deserved i'm sure. totally dig the black & white photo! it's gonna be fun to see how you style your new things.

  2. I´m in love with your style, I discovered your blog looking for inspiration about modette sixties style to do a post because I´m in love with that epoque like you as I see, I saw
    all your pictures in two days, amazing. Just say you congratulations because I love visit blogs like yours.
    Pd. where do you live?? Is that animal your pet? simply amazing hehe :)

  3. So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas! Your gifts sound adorable - can't wait to see how you style em up!

    As for your look, it's very Parisian Chic... love the Litas and the coat!


  4. Absolutely beautiful gifts, but you truly deserve them! In your writing it is so evident how thankful you are for everything you receive and that is so admirable.

    P.S. You look gorgeous beyond belief in these photos! ❤

  5. Nice photos and style ! love the first picture with the goat


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  6. great look!!
    love the maroon coat so much!
    awesome photos, as usual :)

    xoxo, Izzaura

  7. Wow you got a ton of great stuff! The Litas were a great gift.
    I'm loving the color of your coat in these pictures. You always style knee socks so nicely too. I love it.

  8. you look gorgeous, adore every single piece here

  9. loove this look, lighting was perfect too!
    happy holidays!

  10. wow! the photographs are gorgeous! perfect lighting!
    love ur shoes also <3

    followed you :D

  11. I obviously need cute stylish roommates to buy me awesome gifts. Seriously, that dress haunts my dreams <3

  12. I will totally do a guest post for you anytime! Just email me sometime at themoptopblog[at] and we can figure it out :)

    LOVE this look by the way...I'm pretty sure I gave you my heart for it on Lookbook! haha

  13. It seems liek you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year! LOVE this pretty outfit, those shoes are amazing.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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