Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Half of my heart

 Velvet blazer- H&G in slo, boots and skirt- Forever 21, Bow blouse- LC
 Today was my last day at my College in SLO, Cuesta.
I said goodbye to my art history teacher, my art history seat that I've coveted for two and a half years and 5 classes of nothing but 30,000 years of art. I was very excited when I realized that I was all finished with my AA Art history degree and I could attend the Academy of Art in SF next fall, but today was difficult. I aced both my finals and walked down that art department hallway with heavy heels. When I turned around in the parking lot to take a last look, it was a nostalgic time of day when the sun was low and glowing on the side of the white auditorium. 
And that school has never looked better. 
I'll miss it.


  1. Love the red skirt. Looks great with the tights and over the knee socks.


    Dark Blue Stripes

  2. I have fond memories of my school as an undergraduate. I'm back there doing a PhD but it doesn have the same feel to it ...

    Kelly @ 
    Elegantly Academic

  3. awww congratulations to finishing your AA degree, michelle elizabeth! you look gorgeous as always. i like the bow blouse with the stockings. thrilled for your new school adventure.

  4. Well aren't you hot! I love your blog and I'm gunna be stalking you hard!

    Be sure to check out my blog too!



    Charlotte from www.shervinsworld.com

  5. I love your photos. They are seriously amazing and capture every gorgeous detail of your outfit. You look absolutely stunning! Also following your lovely blog. :)

  6. I really really love the knee socks layered over your adorable patterned tights. The bow top is super cute too. I have a thing for bows, especially around holiday times. This outfit is perfect.

  7. stunning i looove the socks and tights x


  8. Aw this little text is touching, I know how that feels, I'm a very melancholic person :)
    I love your outfit, the tights are amazing! Lovely shirt and skirt too and I'm a sucker for overknee socks at the moment!

  9. beautiful outfit, love all the bows


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