Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crowns and Jewels

 H&M stripped dress and black blouse, Jeffery Campbells Litas, forever 21 bag

On friday I did a little photo shoot with my assistant, makeup artist and a model at a pretty creek in Slo. We had this berry crown especially made for the shoot, so the next day I decided to do a little look with it myself. Hey.. I cant let such an elegant crown go to waste, can I?
Photos from my shoot will be in my next post!

 I recently found out about an online jewelry company called Jewel Mint.
They offer really stylish and quality pieces based on your own sense of style.
I've been lucky enough to offer my fans a special discount code- winter1003 for 50% off your first month courtesy of the SLO Mint Brand Ambassador team!
Just enter "winter1003" at check out to get HALF OFF!
Plus every piece is just $29.99!
Here's some of my favorites! :)



  1. that crown reminds me of the ghost of christmas present, but pretty, of course. nice photos! :) it will be fun to see your photo shoot.

  2. You look good, I like a lot your hair and the haiband

  3. you look so gorgeous in that head piece! and love the red bag too ♥

    xoxo, izzaura

  4. Beautiful! I especially love your hair. (:
    My blog.

  5. I love this outfit! You look positively adorable. New follower for sure!

  6. You look so pretty with that cool crown. I really like the black blouse layered over your striped dress too. Perfect, as always!


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