Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm cold. Yes I'm cold. But not as cold as you are.

 Jeffery Campbells, Urban outfitter tights, Betsy Johnson socks, forever 21 jacket and skirt.

I've come to realize that I do a very strange thing. 
I completely turn off my emotions and become completely cold when I feel like I'm going to get hurt.
I just shut down. I stare off into space, not thinking or feeling anything. When others try to speak to me I feel like I can't return any kind of response. I want to move my body, reposition my legs but I remain frozen.
I've never been able to control this sensation of emotional coldness.
My mind quickly responds to threats and shuts down.
January is cold.

And now.. Bubbles.
 All photos taken by me!


  1. i think feeling cold & shutting down is normal. i've been there. i feel better with sunshine & warmth. i like that we can still have those magical moments, like pretty bubbbles, even when life isn't always sunshine & rainbows.

  2. I've had days like that. Though I don't feel cold. I just don't feel...well, anything. Read your write-up and then when you switched to bubbles I was like... 'whoooa there...random!' hahaha but those bubble pictures are seriously breathtaking! Esp. that last shot...How did you manage to get a shot like that?!

    PS- the first photo. LOVE IT. Hope you feel better from all this emotional chill!


  3. beautiful outfit and the bubbles are incredible

  4. You look awesome! I love the color of your coat and how those pretty patterned tights look with it. That first picture of you is so fun too. And the bubbles are very cool!

  5. I never usually comment on blogs, because I'm more of a lurker but I felt compelled to comment.

    I can't believe someone out there feels the same way I do! I do EXACTLY the same thing whenever I feel threatened or attacked by someone.

    My entire body just seems to slow down, and freeze, like everything is dulled so it doesn't hurt me. I can barely even move my head.

    Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone. Also, you're gorgeous. :)


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