Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sugar Skulls in January

 Denim shirt-Walmart(believe it or not), Proopticals eye glasses H&M sugar skull tank, target high low skirt,
Jeffery Campbell litas

So it's a brand new year... now what? What changes and what should continue to stay the same? I'm 20 and done with "real" college, until I head to the art academy this fall. I've got so many months to figure everything out, but I know all of this time is just going to zoom right by.
Honestly, this is why I've never liked January.
It's that dull, grey month of what? The Christmas lights and tree come down, the confetti and the glitter from NYE has been dusted up, all the excitement from the holidays brings us on a fast downward turn to.. well.. nothing really. It's kind of like hopping on this amazing bus headed to your favorite place on earth with colour and light and love, then suddenly being booted off in an unexpected dusty, and lonely farmland where the dark sky fades into the dark dirt. 
Maybe that's a bit harsh.. but January can't hold a brightly coloured bulb to December. 
The saving grace is that you know, someday soon that fantastical bus will circle on back to invite you on board once again.
These fun retro inspired glasses I got from Proopticals.
They have a sweet tint and you don't have to be blind to wear them. They are purely style based, which seems to be popular these days. I think they kind of look like Buddy Holly glasses.
Next blog post I will have some big and exciting news!


  1. Really cool outfit! I love the t-shirt paired with the denim one! Also you look amazing in these shoes and the bag is a lovely pop of colour!

    I'm curious for your exciting news?! ;)

  2. omg i am literally in love with your shirt! i have been looking for a shirt like this recently! i love how you styled it!

  3. exceptional writing in this post, all based in truth! sugar skulls are fine anytime. :)

  4. Beautiful pics! I really like your style!

  5. these skirt and shoes and shirt are the perfect combo!

  6. beautiful top, love the glasses as well


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