Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall in the City

 Red leather jacket- Collection B, shorts and blouse- Forever, Jeffrey Campbells

  These Collection B photos were taken in downtown Sf, on my way to the Outside Lands festival!
Sadly I was late to Franz Ferdinand's set and only saw three songs!



  1. I love your jacket so much! That color is adorable (and with the gold, makes me think of Gryffindor - but that is just the Harry Potter nerd coming out in me.) Gorgeous photos!


  2. super look ! Love totally this nice combination of litas, jacket and shorts, you are always splendid !

  3. That jacket is fantastic paired with the yellow blouse. I love those colors together. I have a blouse just like yours except mine's mint green. I love how your blouse looks with the shorts and leather jacket combo. I may have to try that out with my blouse like that too!


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