Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday wish list

My 20th birthday is only 8 days away, and I'm still not completely ready for it. 
I mean.. I like being a teen and 20 seems... old.
I've had a difficult time deciding what I want for this upcoming birthday because there isn't really too much that I NEED, besides my new Sony A850. 
But none-the-less I've made a smallish birthday list of random things I like.

 Fujifilm Instax mini 25
This is a sweet instant camera that produces really cool images.
Of course this aforementioned Rachel Anatoff Dress!
Sweet 60s looking wingtip oxfords from forever 21 

Such a gorgeous peter pan collar dress from Joy!
Or this peter pan collar dress from Topshop!

Viva La Juicy perfume

The Atlas of Middle Earth

Basically I like Maps, traveling, the 60s, clothing, San Francisco, and cameras.
This list was harder to make than I thought..


  1. awww how cute! i hope you get everything! :)

  2. Haha I remember being freaked out when my 20th birthday drew near. It's not so bad! I love the Topshop peter pan collar dress, gorgeous!
    M xo

  3. Fabulous birthday wishes.
    I gotta say. My sister,, got that camera & its really awesome! I love to use it!
    & I own the Juicy perfume: my favorite one. Already used two bottles! <3
    Hope you get what you want!


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