Thursday, March 17, 2011

My makeup

It's been a rough couple of weeks, so I havent been doing any outfit posts.
I will try to do one tomrrow for ya. But for now I will just post some webcam makeup photos. 

I always get a lot of compliments/questions about my look. I'd be happy to answer any now!

Also I'm about 10 followers away from 200! So if you know any ladies(or guys) who love the 60s.. or fashion.. or photography, please send them my way!
Thank you!


  1. Hey doll, any advice for perfecting the perfect cat eye? I love doing it but often have to redo one eye several times to get them even!

  2. I wish i can do my make up like you..
    you look great!

  3. You look really good with this black line :D
    Fantastic blog!
    Fallow :*

  4. Love how you've made the eyeliner line!

  5. Wow what a nice efect.

  6. i happens i luv 60's, fashion, & photography so now u only need 9 followers left.

  7. @Kristin- Well my wings took me a VERY long time to perfect, but I found that you must line your basic eye first, then pull out a line from the very edge of your outside corners. After you make that small line, swoop up in wing motion and try to end halfway below the end of your eyebrow.You can also make dots with the liner so you have an idea of where to end. It gets pretty complicated, but practice makes perfect!

  8. my eyes droop downward so I can't do a cat eye...very unfortunate


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