Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The light on your door to show that you're home.

 I live in such a beautiful area. Some people can't wait to leave their home. But I'm so in love with my house, my land, my hill. I cherish every moment I'm here.
It finally stopped raining as well! (Who said it never rains in California?)
Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I took some outfit photos AND I snapped some shots of my momma as well! I put a photo of her here.

H&M cardigan, Vintage pleated skirt, Vintage collar shirt, Target highknee socks, Thrifted oxfords


  1. i love your skirt!! great outfit!

  2. I love the over the knee socks :))
    Great with mini skirts and shorts !

  3. Love the birds going on with your necklace and blouse!
    The link to the pic of your mom didn't work :(
    I quite love where I live now too, especially having lived away for a while!
    M xo

  4. I love this look and the red shoes from the last post and your blog and everything!!!
    I just discovered your blog, you officially have a new follower.

    I am thinking of buying a skirt like this but I can't find one that suits me booo.

    Anyways here is my url in case you wanna have a wee look at who I am!



  5. i love your blouse! so lovely :) following your blog



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