Monday, March 7, 2011

Leopard Rain

Yesterday I went out on my property and took a few photos in the rain. Not the best idea but hey.. what are you gonna do. I'm wearing a dress that I should wear way more often. My mom bought it for me when I was in early high school off of Ebay. It's a 1960s lace shift mini dress. Here are some photos of the dress listing-

I really do have to do more with it in the future. I love it


  1. you have really cute inspiration pics!
    do you live in sf?

    Come visit me if you get the chance :)

  2. this is so cute, I love the whole thing! I'm currently hunting for a floppy hat like yours :)

  3. super cute pictures! they are amazing!!!!! and that lace dress is gorgeous!


  4. Gorgeous!! I am in love with the sleeves on that dress. And everything is so green and pretty on your property!

  5. so gorgeous, i can't even explain my love for that hat. XX

  6. Love everything on this outfit,looks stunning!The dress is really lovely!I like your blog,great work!Just followed you!


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