Monday, August 12, 2013

Deer in the Ivy

  Maxi skirt and deer blouse c/o-, tstrap heels-

*Photos of me by Pete*

This is my first collaboration with and I have to say, I love them!
If you want something unique, well fitting and just plain adorable go check out their website!
This long maxi is so fun to twirl in and... in case you didn't see, there are DEER on my blouse! For a girl who grew up with and named all the fawns, does and bucks on her lawn and walking in the nearby forests, this is an animal print close to my heart.
Thank you, Chicwish!
I have just returned from my weekend teen Vogue/Collection B fashion event and I still need to go through and edit those photos.  ALSO, I'd like to thank all the ladies who came out and participated! I had so much fun hanging out with the models, talking to the girls and seeing my Collection B bosses again! I freaking adore them and all they have allowed me to do!
My next post will be all about the event, so stay tuned! 

Lots of hugs and kisses,


  1. I adore your deer print blouse! How cute is that?
    Also, your deep green maxi skirt is simply stunning. Magical <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. That deer blouse is awesome! Such a pretty, unique print. You look amazing in this green maxi skirt too. Gorgeous, as always!

  3. Omg I am so in love with your skirt! It has the most amazing color ever and the top is a great choice! I love the romantic and sweet :D

  4. These are some beautiful shots! I adore that skirt. :)

  5. Just discovered your blog and I am absolutely in love, had to follow! You've got an amazing style and I love the vintage inspired flare.

  6. I love everything about this outfit... should probably check Chickwish out!

  7. Oh my word, that skirt is just absolutely gorgeous - the color is wonderful. I have been swooning hardcore over green hues lately. So pretty!


  8. Hello! do you have any ideas about Modern 60's hairstyle or make-up? or any top pairing with that kind of skirt? btw you look fab!


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