Thursday, August 22, 2013

Painted Lady

 Butterfly lace dress c/o-

 Let's fly away in this dress... Thank you Chicwish for sending me this amazing piece!
I feel like I've been very busy and stressed this week working on a big shoot I have this Sunday. But I'm very very stoked to get my new 50mm lens on Friday! Its been over a year since I bought a lens, not to mention a crazy expensive one.(Luckily I don't have to pay rent haha!)
 But the spurge will be work it once I see the images I take with it.
I might even have to retire my 85mm for awhile until I can have a good long play with my new baby!

Prepared for some nifty fifty looks in the future!



  1. The lighting in these pictures is super pretty. It looks great with your gorgeous lace butterfly dress!

  2. That dress is so pretty and unique. I keep expecting the butterflies to just fly off the dress!


  3. These photos are so beautiful! I so love the light and the dress looks so beautiful feminine and just... amazing! :D Love this post ;)

  4. I am obsessed with that dress and love how you paired it with that hat! Gorgeous photos.

    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

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  6. Holy shit what an awesome dress! Just "found" you on LOOKBOOK and I think you've a great style - many compliments & a follower more :)


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