Monday, August 19, 2013

Late Summer Persunmall Wishlist!

 In honor of welcoming my new sponsor,, I wanted to put together a little late summer wishlist of products from their site! My list contains a lot of floral patterns in lightweight fabrics or colours. They are sweet and subtle with classic and feminine details. They are light and fun with a vintage twist. I cannot wait to start my Partnership with Persunmall!

This dress is So 60s! Love love love.  

This would be great some some sapphire skinny jeans.

This just looks like its got wet oil paint all over it. So great.

 Floral boots
Although these aren't REALLY my style, the bad-ass boot mixed with a vintage floral print is lovely.

 Kiss blouse
Come on. This is adorable.

This dress is happy like a nautical summer day.

Pleated skirt
Again, very 60s looking and I love the pleats.

Check out much more on Persunmalls's website and find something for your last late summer days!!



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