Friday, August 30, 2013

90s kid

 Denim circle skirt c/o-, Urban Outfitters red satchel, H&M sweater, Lulus t-straps

Thank you to Chicnova for sending me this adorably 90s denim skirt! 
As a 90's kid myself its kinda interesting to see all these 90s fashions coming back into style. Denim everything, gellies, overalls, Disney apparel, highwaisted shirt, and shorts, cutoffs, tying a plaid tee around your waist, platforms, grungy sweaters, middle parts, long, wavy-dont-care hair. 
Pretty much everyone has been dressing like a Spice Girl.
 Just go check out lookbook right now. All the 90s trends are sweeping the closets of young women. I've been doing my fair share of watching old Nickelodeon Tv at night too. Hey Arnold, All That, Kenan and Kel, even an episode of The Angry beavers.. which by the way is JUST awful. Its funny how you can go back and watch these shows from your childhood and really see how crappy that always were. By the way have you ever noticed that when people talk about Hey Arnold, they always call the main character Hey Arnold? "Remember when Hey Arnold and Gerald skipped school and totally missed out on the school fun fair day?" "Remember that episode when Hey Arnold always had to pass the ball to Tucker?"
If you didn't understand any of that, chances are you're too young.



  1. I love all the 90s fashions coming back. It's so much fun! This denim skirt is wonderful. I think it looks perfect with your striped top and adorable red satchel.

  2. A denim skirt! That is definitely a 90's staple. Haha, love this circle skirt design though, and your thigh high socks are awesome!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. I'm actually really enjoying the 90's coming back...! And it's so true how when you re-watch some shows from back in the day, you don't really see what was so amazing about them. Only for some, though.
    I love they way you styled the denim skirt with those knee-highs...such a cute look :)


  4. As a kid of the 90's too I love this look! The red satchel is really nice

    Lauren | Twist and Shout xx

  5. aww you look so amazing! stripes + denim skirt + red= perfection!
    I'm also a 90's kid so I'm also super happy it's getting back in fashion! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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