Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bye Summer

Satchel- Urban outfitters

Hello all. I want to say thank you for your comments and emails! Ive been trying to respond to all of them in a timely manner, but I must say, Ive been a bit distracted. I just started school last Monday and I'm still figuring out my schedule and getting into the swing of things. It's always very disheartening to go back to school. It makes the entire summer feel like it never happened. 
And I've had an INCREDIBLE summer. I drove to BC Canada, spent time with my Canadian best friend, bought my new camera, hung out in LA, Made a new best friend, and just lived life. It was the greatest time. I know a few classes won't change of of that.. but things do feel a bit different. My life has changed drastically in the past week, so i need a bit of time to digest everything. 
On the upside- my contest has been extended until this Thursday the 18th, when I will be announcing the winner of the fab dress below.

The above photos were taken last week or so in SLO during a much needed shopping trip.
I also bought that sweet red satchel as my school bag for this fall. I think it looks like a cute little girl in the 60s would be bouncing around campus with it.


  1. I can't believe summer is coming to an end. I was actually going to buy this red satchel from Urban Outfitters a month ago when I saw it in the store. I hate the feeling of regret :(

    You look gorgeous as always in your adorable lace dress!


  2. Love your dress! And the bag is beautiful!

  3. Pretty dress! I just found your blog through AllThingsNew, following you :)


  4. I totally understand your situation as it's mine right now too. I started classes Monday as well and it's completely turned my schedule upside down. I'm just getting to catch up on blogs tonight and I'm getting into the swing of my new-again routine. It's sad summer is over though. I wasn't ready to have to go to bed at a reasonable time again.

  5. try to savor it. take all the time you need. sometimes digestion is a slow process.

  6. I love the red lips with the lace and hat!

  7. That satchel is great! I love the color. I totally relate to the school issue, I start next week and I am dreding it. I'm following, so hopefully we can balance blogging & cramming.

    Liv @ bklynlifestyle.blogspot.com

  8. you have a great style!im following now!!like your blog!
    kisses from prague

  9. oh my, you look so gorgeous, I love love love your hair and makeup! ♥


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