Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to dress like Alison Mosshart-


Alison Mosshart of The Kills and my favorite, The Dead Weather, is a total badass.
She also has that sweet rock grunge look reminiscent of a 60s Mick Jagger.
I wanna look this cool.

P.s- Happy Birthday, Andy


  1. She has such amazing style! When I saw The Dead Weather she was absolutely electric!

  2. so good, I love her too!! check out more photos:


  3. I have never really heard much of her but it looks like she has amazing style.. Anything animal print is so hot right now!

    Love! ~Angel

  4. i've seen her live 3 times. 2 times with the kills, & 1 time with dead weather. she always wore those gold boots. you do kinda look like her. have you seen her concert? what did ya think?

  5. aah, i truly adore her sense of style.
    lovelovelove the look you put together - those are truly perfect pieces.

    xx //

  6. Really want a ribcage tee shirt, bit creepy but I always thought they were a bit more interesting, still looking though :( Only just discovered you through lookbook but following now on both!
    My blog is not very happening atm am planning on having a big push when I go back to uni in Sept and have more space/inspiration so please feel free to check back then! Rachel xx


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