Monday, August 22, 2011

Mission: San Miguel

Blouse and Jeans- Forever 21, H&M hat, 1930s vintage beaded purse

Yesterday I went to Mission San Miguel for a little photo shoot. Its about 25 minutes away from where I live, but I haven't really ever been there. I hoping to take my next client out there for a shoot. Something about me that I'm sure, I have mentioned is that I HAVE to travel. Whether its across the room or to another city, I have to keep moving. I find myself taking these spontaneous trips because 
I have traveling in my blood. 
Just the feeling of being in a new place or exploring a familiar one is what I live for.
I've always got great intentions of freedom and adventure in mind.
I'm the girl that needs to find out what's at the very end of path and around the corner of the next street. 
I have to keep moving to see and feel everything I can see and feel.


  1. Lovely photos and outfit! I love all of your jewelry :)


  2. I also love to travel! These photos are gorgeous as always, love the blouse!

  3. These photos are fantastic! I love your wine colored blouse! That's a great place for photos, your lucky it isn't too far away.

  4. I'm the same way :) Love the outfit and pictures.

    Little Acorns

  5. i can see the rainbow, as you sit on the brick wall, preserving the wonders around you.

  6. The setting for these pictures really is amazing. I love how the color of your top looks against the background too. Wonderful!

  7. Maroon sheer top is such a win. I agree with you on traveling! It brings me such comfort to be in a new place :)


  8. these are lovely photos. love the maroon top and the jeans, they go great together

  9. Wow the pictures are beautiful! I love the outfit, especially the blouse because dark red is one of my favourite colours for fall. And I also love how your jewelry kind of matches the location with the saints bracelet and all :)

  10. love this location :) and look is great too!

  11. great photos! love your outfit, especially the jewelry

  12. Truly beautiful photos! I love both your outfits and the backdrop is out of a movie.

    Liv @


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