Monday, August 29, 2011

Lucky Red.

 Red satchel- Urban Outfitters, Vintage 40s blouse, Skull scarf- Nordstroms, Cello Jeans, Red heels

 Sometimes I look at the people, I love around me and wonder why the hell they love me. 
I have the best friends. THE BEST best friends. They are incredible.. and I'm.. well, I'm me. 
I can be a bit brash, brutally honest, and cold. I've got my good qualities but I really don't deserve the amazing people that have surrounded me with such love and loyalty. Some of them live so far away, but I haven't ever felt closer to anyone. So basically my point is.. HOW did I get so crazy lucky. I guess I should stop asking myself and start telling them how much I appreciate them. 
Even if I started now, I could never finish.


  1. heh that's how I feel about my close friends, too!
    I love the bright reds! you look great :)


  2. you look so beautiful in gray and red!!!lovely photos!
    kisses from prague and have an amazing day sweetie!

  3. lovely outifit :D looks casual and chic.

  4. Definitely know what you mean... I have a few of the best friends anyone could ask for, and even though we live thousands of miles apart, our relationship never changes. I sometimes get mad at myself for not calling enough, or sending enough letters/packages. But in the end, that's why they're good friends - no matter how crazy life gets, or how infrequently we talk, they are always there. I'm sure your friends know how much they mean to you... you obviously appreciate them very much :)

  5. I totally know what you mean- friends are so vital, they're like the family we get to choose.

    Great shoes and bag.

    Liv @

  6. adorable little red shoes and those jeans look great on you!

  7. the red in this look is so amazing! love it

  8. Hot Bag! Love the outfit!


  9. Great outfit.
    I love your bag and shoes.
    Amazing blog


  10. i love this outfit! pops of red are my favorite!

  11. The pops of red in this outfit are so pretty. I really love those red heels. Such a great scarf too!

  12. Great outfit and your hair looks very nice. Love the blog!

    Superstition Vintage

  13. Hello I was curious if you still have satchel and would consider selling? I have been looking everywhere for one!


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